International Women’s Day

What we have in common

WFWP Norway celebrated UN International Women's Day on Saturday, March 7th, 2015. We based the celebration around the theme 'What we have in common'. The event started off with a song, followed by an icebreaker in which participants found what common interests they shared. Then Roswitha Johansen, leader of WFWP Norway, gave a short speech about the similarities of women of all cultures and women's non-violent strategy in creating peace, starting with the education of their own children. She further emphasized women's role as peace-makers by naming various influentional women in history, particuarly those who went on to recieve the Nobel Peace Prize. The speech was followed by some more music, a game called the human knot and a delightful buffet. 14 women and 2 men participated, among them 4 were guests.


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