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Mamma, meg & yoga

Oppdatert: 5. feb. 2019

On Saturday, October 13th, WFWP Norway hosted a yoga afternoon for our Mommy and Me group. We established Mommy and Me in 2016 as a network for mothers with young children to connect, bond, and support each other in a sisterhood. The teacher, Agnese Zvirbule, guided us through a relaxing session of yoga while the children had the choice to join us or play in the next room. Afterwards, Kamilla Niazova from doTERRA, presented essential oils beneficial for doing yoga and led a hand massage session using these oils. It was a reviving and relaxing afternoon. Five adults and four children participated. (1 member, 8 guests)

Click here to see the invitation as a pdf.

#2018 #yoga

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