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UN Day of Families

«The Significance of the Family, new challenges and how to meet them»

Location: Diakonhjemmet, Oslo

UPF/Norway organized a celebration of the UN International Day of Families on Tuesday 22nd May in a Lutheran College in Oslo. Our title for the event was; «The Significance of the Family, new challenges and how to meet them».

Different cultures have different challenges. We wanted to focus on the situation and challenges in our own culture.

The UPF leader, Steinar Murud gave a presentation entitled «The family as the basic unit in society». He spoke of how good families are a great resource both for all its members as well as for the society. He also elaborated on values that constitute a good and functional family. Murud also mentioned some of the challenges the families face today and their consequences.

The second speaker was Mr. ØyvindHåbrekke, former MP and author of the newly published book «The liberal family».

His main topic focused on how the development of biotechnology and its political application presents challenges and changes how we see the family. He said that politicians might unknowing create problems for themselves when they challenge biology. «Is it the task of the state tol define the family?» he asked. Biotechnology is making rapid progress, and there are many groups that are eager to use the new methods, but the need for ethical guidance in its practice is of great importance.

The presentations raised many questions that were discussed around the tables. WFWP leader Johanna Toresen guided these discussions and the plenary summary very well.

Around 30 participants attended the event that ended with coffee and cakes and sales of Mr. Håbrekke’s book «The liberal family».

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