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Marriage Course!

Oppdatert: 4. okt. 2019

Frequency of sessions reduced, Registration still open. See a quick trailor!

WFWP Norway is teaming up with FFWPU to host the marriage course this autumn. The marriage course is a 7-week program created by a Christian couple in Britain, but the techniques it offers are universal. It is a fabulous marriage enrichment course for all stages and states. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for 1 year or 50, if your relationship is great or going through a rough patch, this course is great for everyone!

The course will be in English and held ca. once a month from October 6th. At the end of each session we will find a date for the next session that fits for everyone. The cost will be 100 kr per session per couple (so 700 kr for the entire program) which will cover the costs of food and course materials.

There is no public sharing of anything! Everything happens in the couple, between the couple, like no one else is there.

Time: Contact ust and we will find a time that fits you! Location: Grorudveien 39

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