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Peace starts with me

“Peace starts with me and a cup of tea!”- WFWP home-meeting, 12th May 2018, Oslo Norway.

Inspired by our experience in Vienna, we decided to try and spread the concept “Peace starts with me” by sharing it with our members and friendsat a Women’s Federation home-meeting.

WFWP secretary -MareaToresen, gave a short report from the event in Vienna and went on to explain what “Peace starts with me” means for her personally. Each participant then picked a “peace quotation” from a bowl that was sent around and read it aloud and explained what peace meant for them. Afterward we continued discussing over a delicious afternoon tea!

In order to give the women peace to talk about peace - all the Daddys and children went for a tour in the forest. When they returned they shared sausages and watermelon and played games in the garden until we were finished. Twenty four participants attended the meeting, including several new guests. We really felt a lot of spiritual support to make this meeting such a success and that we are entering a new era together with our True Mother after the victorious event in Vienna.

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