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Nordic 30-year-anniversary

Celebrating WFWP 30 year Anniversary together with sisters and brothers in the Nordic countries. Promote collaboration among the WFWP chapters in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland (though Iceland could not partake in the event this time) and empower sisters to take action in terms of networking and outreach.


On the 27-28 of August, sisters and brothers from Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and UK came together and spend an exciting weekend together in the deep forest on the border between Sweden and Norway.

It was a joint event between WFWP and UPF in Scandinavia. Around 70 participants gathered at a special place called Morokulien also called a “micro peace nation” located on the border between Sweden and Norway. Special because of the monument raised in 1914 symbolizing the peaceful border between Norway and Sweden and also because of the Peace bell and Pagoda that was donated in 2014 by the county of Hwa Cheon located close to the DMZ in South Korea.

The 30th anniversary celebration of WFWP took place in the evening following a beautiful Peace road walk in the forest on the border.

Welcoming remarks were given by MC Ing Marie Kikuchi Hedberg where she could acknowledge that half the audience this time were men.

Britta Houston WFWP-Sweden gave a power point presentation that started with a short video by International president Julia Moon. She summarized in the video remarkable achievements by WFWP from the start in 1992 until today from leadership training, service projects all around the world to involvement in UN. She also pointed out that there is still a lot to do for women to get access to leading positions in power and in peacemaking processes.

The Peacepark project at the DMZ that WFWP-I has taken under its wings and formulated visions and ideas around was also mentioned in the pp presentation.

Thereafter followed testimonies from sisters from all participating nations.

Johanna Toresen, WFWP-Norway gave a passionate speech about her involvement with the WFWP and the unconditional love and support she has experienced over the years. She pointed out how important the trust and freedom she experienced in WFWP has been for her and she feels that WFWP is in the forefront when it comes to raising up future leaders.

Viveka Freeland- Sweden had donated a traditional handmade rag rug she had weaved in a loom at home for this celebration and we decided to give this gift to WFWP founder “Mother of Peace “ Hak Ja Hahn Moon together with a letter explaining the history about this traditional rug as well as expressing our loyal support in the everlasting vision for peace in the world.

A Sisterhood ceremony concluded the program before a delicious dinner was served by the family run restaurant and the evening ended with some entertainment outside the place while the sun was setting between the spruce tops.

A youthful jump for joy on the border

Poster made by Nina Persson

Interviewing Vigdis

Peace Bridge

Johanna Toresen

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