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Europa; Family Values and their Link to Economic Well-Being and Social Outcomes

Oppdatert: 5. feb. 2019

Geneva, Switzerland, 30. June – 1. July 2014

In commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of the International Year of the Family, the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) and the Women‟s Federation for World Peace,

International (WFWPI) together with the support of the Federation of Catholic Family Associations in Europe (FAFCE) and the Fondation L‟entreconnaissance jointly sponsored a 2 day Conference at the United Nations‟ Palais des Nations. The conference titled “Family Values and their link to Economic Well-Being and Social Outcomes” aimed at showing the significance of Family Values as a remedy, as preventative and as a guideline for a healthy and prosperous Europe and world. The conference brought together experts from European nations and the United States in order to build capacities among allies in civil society and government, to work upon a proactive and convincing strategy and to regain momentum in reversing the current trends.

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