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Health Seminar

On Saturday, the 19th, WFWP Norway held a Health Seminar for the whole family. There was a three-part program, which included hand massages with essential oils, Zumba, and a guided meditation. The doTerra Hand Aroma Touch team taught us the benefits and uses of aroma therapy and each person had the opportunity to both receive and practice giving hand massages using essential oils. After awakening our senses with essential oils we got our blood flowing with a (women’s only) Zumba session led by our very own board member, Crystala Wone. Last but not least, we calmed our minds and got in touch with our souls through a guided meditation led by Selina Stenberg. After the meditation, each person picked a card at random and on it was an inspiring message just for him or her. It was amazing how each card felt like a personal message written for the person who received it. Overall, it was a wonderful day full of revitalization and rejuvenation. Babysitting was provided for the parents who brought their children as well as lunch, coffee, and healthy snacks for everyone. Several mothers who attend our Mommy and Me monthly meetings came and enjoyed themselves immensely. 22 adults and 12 children attended.

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