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Mommy and Me

The purpose of Mommy and Me is to create a place where parents with small children can meet regularly so that both mothers and children can bond together and build supportive friendships with one another. By supporting mothers of young children, we are reaching out to affect positive change in the family from its start.

27.2. "Sharing funny storys about parenthood"


24.4. The Mommy and Me group met and had a meaningful discussion on the joys and challenges of parenthood. The mothers felt safe to share her own situation honestly. The children also had a nice time playing together. Four adults and four children participated.

29.5. The Mommy and Me group met for a lovely picnic outside in the spring weather. Two adults and two children participated.

19.7. We had a picnic style meeting and discussed a parenting book(Teaching Children Self Discipline). Meanwhile, the kids enjoyedplaying outside. 6 adults and 8 children attended.

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