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"I am fabulous" 7.9.2019

Oppdatert: 18. apr.

Mitty Tohma, vice-president of WFWP Europe and sub-regional president of WFWP North-Europe, will join us for this event!

Women's Federation for World Peace Norway had the honor to host an I-am-fabulous workshop for emotional well-being by Magali Rouyer-Johnsen.

Essential oils have the ability to move “chi” (life force) when there is stagnation. According to Chinese medicine, this absence of flow can be caused by stress, worry or trapped emotions and may ultimately lead to disease in the body. This class is a practical workshop where we learn a series of protocols where we apply specific essential oils on some acupuncture points or meridians in order to get rid of some common stagnations that many people have.

Magali Rouyer-Johnsen walked us through an essential oil and

acupuncture treatment to become and feel even more fabulous. She

generously let us use her essential oils and gave each of us a blend of oils

according to our needs. On request Magali taught us how to give a hand

massage with essential oils which we could try out right away. In addition

to all this, we had both deep and fun conversations that even led to some

healing tears.

At the conclusion of this workshop Magali received a Peace Ambassador

Award from WFWP.

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