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Kvinnedagen i Furuset bibliotek

In honor of International Women’s Day 2019, WFWP Norway teamed up with Furuset Library and Bydelsmødre to organize a community event celebrating womanhood and connecting women of all backgrounds to the important resources available to them. The event was held in the heart of a local library where all of the library’s visitors could freely join the event.

Bydelsmødre, a non-profit organization of mothers who support other mothers in finding the resources they need in society, opened the event with an overview of their work and testimonials from mothers who help and who have been helped by the organization. Afterwards, the President of the Norwegian Parliament, a member of Parliament, and one other politician, all representing three different political parties, addressed the audience with words of encouragement and inspiration.

Johanna Toresen, President of WFWP Norway, gave an overview of WFWP’s work on both the international and local level. She invited the parents in the audience to join in our upcoming “Mommy and Me” meeting and shared with excitement about the upcoming CSW63 in New York.

Other organizations in attendance were Save the Children Norway, RISAF, Culture Without Borders, and Women and Children for Integration.

It was exciting working together with all of these groups and organizations to create an event that serves our local community and connects us with so many others who are also working to support women and motherhood. There were about 200 guests including 4 politicians and 5 members.

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