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Gestalt terapi

Oppdatert: 18. apr.

Working with my passion

By Margoth Tove Kalstad

The word gestalt is a German word and it can be translated with « a meaningful whole» or a complete pattern. In gestalt therapy we have a fundamental belief that we humans can live a far more fulfilling and richer life than most of us do today. Gestalt therapy is a direction within the humanistic psychology and founded by the German-born couple Laura and Fritz Frederick Perl’s together with the American Paul Goodman in the late 50's and early 60's in the United States. Gestalt therapy is based on gestalt psychological theories and ideas from existential-phenomenological philosophy. The basic ideas of Gestalt therapy is that each person is solely responsible for their choices and actions within the limits of the environment provide. Gestalt therapy has developed methods to sensitize people on their own feelings, reactions and actions so that they clearly can recognize and see themselves and their choices. This awareness is created through conversation, experimentation and role playing. The methods are also used for processing of previously unfinished experiences (which are called incomplete gestalts), crises and self-development. Gestalt therapy is based on the belief that increased knowledge about oneself happens in the moment, in situations where the client and therapist meet. It cannot be scheduled into the future, but will spontaneously work between client and therapist.

This fascinates me a lot the potent moment that I can work with things from the past in the present moment. And look at what kind of personal creative adjustments I made that was important to me then, but can cause problem in the present relationships. By becoming aware of what I do and accept whatever I do, change can accrued! I find gestalt therapy to be non-judgmental and it opens up vide to facilitate changes to occur by itself, when the time is right. Knowing the ideal of God and seeing our life today, I think we all suffer a lot in reaching towards Gods ideal in our own life. For me Gestalt therapy has been and still is a tool for me to become what I am and continue to heal in my relationships. In the fall of man all relationships where lost, parents and children, father and mother, brothers and sisters. We are in a fortunate situation that we understand this and by restoring our own relationships we are supporting God and ourselves in the work of restoration! This is how I see it, our life and struggle is more than just our own little struggle. That is why I am happy, serious and passionate in my work as a gestalt therapist. One of my professors used to say gestalt is too good to be used for only sick people! I totally agree with him this is for everyone to become the person they have the potential to be and to restore all relational struggles from the past and present.

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