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Postponed: Family Retreat Easter 2020

Oppdatert: 18. apr.

Harmony in the Family


Enjoy a weekend in beautiful Swedish nature to relax, spend time with your family, make new friends and learn how to increase harmony in your family. The voluntary program for adults includes hands-on sessions by self-employed therapists and counselors, discussion groups and sauna. Babysitting and activities for the children will be provided as well as food and accommodation. The first 24 applicants will be guaranteed a bed, later applicants might have to sleep on a mattress or rent a hut.

The seminar is aimed at parents and grandparents of young children, but everyone is welcome, with or without family. We wish to create a safe space for all participants and are independent of other institutions or religions.

Location: Workshop place Kloten: Furulidsvägen 5, 714 91 Kopparberg, Sweden

If you are interested or have questions, please contact

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